Grade 3

Here are our picks for grade 3 for the upcoming school year, inshaAllah (God willing):

Interactive Calendar: Hijra with Gregorian calendar.

Language Arts: Institute for Excellence in Writing: All Things Canada. Vocabulary:  . 3rd Grade Basic Skills: Reading Comprehension and Reading Skills.  We are also supplementing with English Smart 3.

Math: Math Mammoth Grade 3.

Science: Zoology 3 with interactive notebook. STEM bins.

Social: Story of the World (Ancient World). We will also incorporate Election Studies with the upcoming Federal Elections happening in Canada.

Islamic Studies: I Love Islam level 3. Understand the Meaning of the Quran. Islamic flashcards. Quran lessons. Einstylo Arabic Kit with Pen. Quran 4 kids program for review.

Arabic – Arabic Seeds (theme based). Einsteins Arabic pen with books.