Language Arts Review

The programs suggested below mostly cover composition and grammar (with the exception of The Good The Beautiful). I have presented a few of the more popular spelling & grammar programs. However, if you are looking for a more thorough list for separate programs for spelling, grammar, writing, reading etc take a look here.

Institute for Excellence in Writing

This is one of the more popular writing homeschool programs. We used this program for a number of years and loved it. The writing techniques were fantastic. The checklists were great. The videos were pretty good too. It does require a little more work on the parent’s end (you may need to review some of the videos to understand some of the concepts taught). This review is mainly of the writing seminar for parents and teachers. If you scroll towards the bottom, you will see more details on the leveled writing programs. There are also Canadian editions for IEW on the following website.

Essentials in Writing

We are attempting this program this year. So far, it looks amazing! I am definitely looking forward to this one. The elementary levels offer a writing program (workbook & video instruction). The junior high and high school levels offer a writing program and a literature program (workbook and video instruction). Read more!


We used this program for a year and initially liked it (junior high level); however, as we progressed through the year we felt the program wasn’t the best fit for our family. I do not have experience with the elementary levels. It remains to be a popular program though in the homeschool community. Find out more.

The Good and the Beautiful

We are using this for the first time this year. The program itself looks great for the younger grades (1-6). I wasn’t super impressed with the junior high levels. This program incorporates writing, spelling, grammar, reading, art, geography. It is a Christian program. Please see my instagram/facebook for a review on this program. To learn more, visit their site.

Some of the other programs that are popular with homeschoolers that I don’t have any experience with but worth looking into:

Writing with Ease

Writing with Skill

Fix-it Grammar : We used this program for a few years and loved it. This year we just didn’t have time to schedule it in. This is created by Institute for Excellence in Writing.

Growing with Grammar

Brave Writer

Handwriting without Tears


All About Spelling