Math Review


We began our homeschool journey using the Math-U-See program. It was a fairly good program. I liked the use of manipulatives at the earlier level. My kids didn’t mind the video lessons that accompanied the workbooks. However, as time went on, I just didn’t feel it was giving my children enough math exposure. It wasn’t covering as much as I would have liked. I didn’t like that the workbooks had no instruction so watching the video was a must for the student. However, this remains to be one of the more popular homeschool series. I wouldn’t discourage this program. We used it for several years. It’s something worth looking into if you are looking for a more hands-on-approach to math. Check out the Cathy Duffy review here. You can find their program here in Canada from this site. Or in the USA from here.

Life of Fred

We continued with Math-U-See but began adding elements from the Life of Fred Math program. This program is written in story format making the program a bit more unique. It remains to be one of the more popular programs. There are pros to this program; however, I would have to agree with the Cathy Duffy review in that I found the progression and method of learning a bit unusual.

Math Mammoth

We switched over to Math Mammoth for grade 1-grade 6 and have not had any regrets. The program works well for our family though I have heard some say it wasn’t the best fit for their family. It is a rather inexpensive program as the main method of purchase is as a downloadable file. I print the material off at home using my ecotank printer. I find the content thorough. The progression is good. There is instruction within the main workbook. Online videos and games are optional. Check out the Cathy Duffy Review to learn more about this program. We purchased this download from the Teachers Pay Teachers website.

Math Without Borders

For the high school years, we have been using Math Without Borders. The program itself is rather challenging; however, the videos that accompany the program are fantastic. The video course content is a digital download. Some grades require the purchase of a textbook. Some levels have pdf files to accompany the course. The Cathy Duffy review is fairly accurate; however, the program no longer comes on a usb stick and is now a digital download.

We have tried some of the more popular “math help” videos and math game websites. Overall these ones are fairly good: CTC math, Khan Academy, Arcademics, Math Seeds, Starfall, LittleHOP preschool math printables.

There are several other popular programs that are highly recommended by other homeschoolers:


This is one program I have contemplated many times. I know many homeschoolers using this program and love it. It is academic and overall a great one. Definitely worth checking out. You can read more about it here. If you are an Alberta resident, you can find many of these on Amazon or the CHER website which is where we purchase most of our curriculum.

Singapore Math

We used this program for one year back when my eldest was in grade 2. It was a nice program and it remains to be one of the more popular homeschool programs. Find out more!

Teaching Textbooks

Another program that is pretty popuar in the homeschool community. This program is now all online. This program is unique in that the videos, workbooks and automated grading is all online. Read more about it here.

This is not an complete list of math curriculum options. I encourage you to take a look through the Cathy Duffy website to learn about other math options.