Our Family

We are the Little Homeschoolers on the Praire family.


Our journey began before it even started! Prior to having children, I knew in my heart that if I had children and was able to, I would homeschool them. Prior to that, I was employed as an elementary teacher. Here I am now – 6 children and homeschooling, Alhamdullilah (praise be to God). My list of reasons for homeschooling are endless. In the end, I felt that I knew my children best and I knew their learning style best so I wasn’t ready to pass this duty on to a stranger that knows very little about them and their learning style and needs. I love spending my time with my children and my children love spending their time with each other, Alhamdullilah (praise be to God). I can’t imagine it any other way! They have all formed amazing relationships. Ultimately, I hope insha’Allah (by the will of God) to preserve their innocence as long as I possibly can while building a strong love of their Deen!

We have been blessed with 5 boys and 1 girl, Alhamdullilah. We have also been blessed with a beautiful farm. The name Little Homeschoolers on the Prairie seemed quite fitting. We are a farm family living life in the prairies of Canada. We spend our days homeschooling, farming cattle, sheep, chickens, peacocks and turkeys. We love art. We love to cook. We LOVE ORGANIZATION and most of all we love creating and sharing Islamic resources that we hope all Muslims can benefit from insha’Allah.