Social Review


Social is a tricky subject since many of the historical programs present information that can be biased or inaccurate. Unfortunately, I do not feel there’s any great curriculum on history unless you are looking at religious text.

Islamic Civilization Unit Links

Story of the World

This program remains to be one of the most popular homeschool history program. It is in story format and is presented in a timeline spanning 4 textbooks. The curriculum is Christian; however, it does mention other historical events — the revelation of the Quran etc. The program also comes with an activity and mapping book. You can read more here.

I do not have experience with the following but they are popular options. Again, I believe they are Christian publishers.

The Mystery of History

A Child’s History of the World

I prefer to use Islamic text to study history. Some of the resources we have used or are currently using:

I Love Islam – Textbook with Workbook

ICO High School Textbook Series

The Sealed Nectar

When the Moon Split

Atlas of the Quran

History of Islam : 4 books

The Biography of the Noble Prophet – 20 books in a case

Lote Tree Learning: This seems to be a new release. We have not had any experience with this program.

Stories of the World: 5 books. We have not had experience with this program but have heard good things.


Trail Guide to Learning

LittleHOP Geography Printables

Little Passports

World books – we like to use Material World, What the World Eats, Hungry Planet


Canadian History & Geography

The Great Canadian Adventure Program

Donna Ward History/Geography Books

There are many geography games and books that can be used. One of our favourite history series is the You Wouldn’t Want to Be