Little Homeschoolers on the Prairie recognizes how blessed we are to be able to live our lives and be able to educate our children in Canada, Alhamdullilah.  However, some people around the world are not as fortunate due to poverty, famine, wars and many other unfortunate circumstances.  We have made it our mission to raise awareness and use what Allah(SWT) has blessed us with to try and make a difference around the world.  We have teamed up with Integrity ME and Dr. Yarub Al-Shiraida in a small family project in Iraq.  Below is a small Bio on the amazing life and work lead by Dr. Yarub Al-Shiraida.

Dr. Yarub left his profession as an electrical engineer back in 1997 to embark on a new journey in Humanitarian work.  His new found passion led him to work in many countries including Iraq, Yemen, Sierra Leone, Syria and Kosovo just to name a few.  He dedicated his time in Iraq from 2003-2014 where he helped build many schools, hospitals, rehabilitate water treatment facilities and implemented orphan sponsorship programs among other projects. 

During one of his assignments, Dr. Yarub had discovered a very heart breaking fact. His research had found that there were over 1.5 million widows in Iraq and approximately 76% of them had 3 children or more.  Combined, there are over 4 million widows and orphans in Iraq; nearly 13% of the entire country’s population.  Widowhood in Iraq has become a catastrophic social condition due to the violent policies of the previous regime, the continuous catastrophic wars in Iraq, the violence following April 9, 2003, and sectarian policy-making. Indeed, widows have become a symbol for the collapse of the Iraqi society.

As a result of these unfortunate stats, our family has established a plan for a small project in Iraq that will be supported by those who support us! Little Homeschoolers on the Prairie is proud to announce, with the help of Dr. Yarub, the purchase of approximately 9 acres of farm land just outside the city of Baghdad.  Our goal is to develop the land for agriculture, raise livestock, and distribute to those in need, including the orphans.  This is strictly a non-profit project and we are not asking for donations. We only kindly ask that you please keep them in your prayers and know that profits from any purchases made on this site will be put towards this project, inshaAllah.  We will post updates on our project from time to time. We pray for a positive outcome so we can continue further projects by the will of Allah.