Our Schedule

Our schedule remains pretty consistent throughout the year. Of course some days don’t work as exactly planned for several reasons. Often something on the farm takes longer than expected. We typically revolve our schedule around farm chores – chicken chores need to be completed first thing in the morning. The cow needs to be milked at break time. The dogs need to be walked at lunch. Water checks for sheep, cattle, and chickens also need to be done during this time. ..and sometimes there’s just something else happening on the farm like a lamb being born :D.

I don’t plan out a formal schedule for my Kindergarten. It’s basically when she wants to work with us, she follows along. She typically follows our schedule though since she looks up to her siblings and wants to be participating. Below you will find our schedules for the 2019/2020 year grades 1 -8. I’ve also included a link if you’re interested in using this template.