Grade 1 Dolch Sight Word Bundle


Finally my grade 1  Dolch sight word bundle with Islamic content is available! This includes:

*41-page interactive book that includes phonics, copywork, grammar and punctuation along with a bit of colouring.  There are two options in this bundle: traceable sentences or blank. This allows your child to progress from copywork to on their own printing. You do not need to print both books! Choose what is best for your child and their printing abilities.

*41 Dolch Sight Word Interactive Flashcards that have been created to be used in a variety of ways: dry erase markers, alphabet tiles, pencil crayons, magnet letters. These have been modified to fit on a ring which makes for easy review and storage.

*Alphabet Tiles highlighting vowels and consonants. These can be used alongside the sight word book or the interactive flashcards.